360 Mini Marketing Tutorial

360 Tutorial Explained

In this video I have solidified my twenty years of knowledge and experience in Marketing to bring you the bare bones of what you should be doing in each area.

1 – Target Market – Here I will explain why Target Marketing is so important, and show how we can greatly increase our sales by understanding our audience better. (Timestamp – 6.30)

2 – Website – Having a website is a must for all businesses. We look at the best practices for websites and what elements we can implement to help increase a users time on site, which in turn leads to an increase in leads & sales, either online or offline. (Timestamp – 17.26)

3 – Search Engine Optimization – I will through the basics of SEO that can be implemented easily. I will also look at the more technical factors such as Site Errors, Site Speed, using Google Search Console and more. (Timestamp – 48.15)

4 – Content Marketing – Marketing is all about Content. Without it, there is no Marketing. Here I will focus on the most popular and effective Content Formats, and how best to create, utilise and share these across various platforms. I will also explain about the buyer’s journey and how it is important we understand it relative to our products. I will look at Videos, Blogs, Webinars, Podcasts, Whitepapers, Images & E-books. (Timestamp – 1.15)

5 – Social Media – Here I look at the importance of having an effective Social Media strategy if you want to grow your business. We look at the best practices for popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok. (Timestamp – 2.32)

6 – Email Marketing – Email Marketing is a very effective tool for increasing your sales. And it is not going anywhere. In fact 77% of Marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in the last 12 months. It is powerful marketing tool when used correctly and can create valuable leads and sales. (Timestamp – 3.38)

7 – Google Analytics & KPIS – I explain how Google Analytics can help you better understand your audience and therefore allow you to create more targeted campaigns. Where are your audience from. What language do they speak? Are they mainly men or women? What age bracket are they in? We can gleam so much information from google analytics, it is so important we know how to use the platform. I also look at how we can use KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to help establish whether our campaigns are working or not. (Timestamp – 4.26)

Summary – To finish I look at how we can bring all the Topics together so you feel confident about creating your own Marketing Strategy for your business. (Timestamp – 4.38)

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