About Me

Many years ago now, I obtained a first-class degree in Business Management and have been involved in some really cool partnerships over the years such as Manchester United Football Club, Ladbrokes, Worlds Series of Poker, Facebook and Google. I also lecture in Digital Marketing at City Colleges Dublin and am the author of Power Marketing, a guide for small to medium businesses in becoming a Market Leader.

I am a big believer in finding out what motivates you, and going after it. I am passionate about Marketing and I love to write. In 2021, I published a Business Book called Power Marketing, something I would never have dreamed of doing a couple of years before. But after spending time on my personal development, I realised I loved to write.

So I combined my two passions – Marketing and Personal development! Not happy with the one book though, and with a new lease of life, I penned two women’s fiction novels, which I also published last year.

My first fiction book The Ultimate Betrayal actually spanned over a twenty year period and when I finally found the confidence to publish it, I took it down off Amazon a few days later, for fear that someone might read it! Yes. The terror barrier. That we all experience. I was so worried about everyone else and what they might think of me.

And this happens with those who finally find the confidence to start their own businesses. They take the leap. Leave their jobs to set up on their own. And then they sometimes hit a wall. What Now?

Which is why I decided to set up Marketing Through Mindset. To help those people who have made the decision to back themselves and go after what they always wanted. I love seeing people go after their passion and I love helping people win new customers.

After spending two years studying mindset and working on myself, I realised I loved helping others, not just with Marketing, but also with giving them a belief in themselves. Since I spent time on my own personal development, I have become a lecturer and an author and have found the confidence to focus on myself and set goals that excite me.

I have three beautiful kids that I get to spend lots of time with as my hours are flexible. I created a new working environment for myself made up of a variety of roles, all which I love to do and enjoy immensely.

I hope you find some tips on my website to help you drive your business forward, whatever discipline you are in, or whatever stage you are at in your journey

City Colleges Dublin – Diploma in Digital Marketing

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